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A world-record breaking expedition to remove 1,000,000 lbs of ocean plastic

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Top Global Solution
Ocean Voyages Institute identified as the world's current top solution in mid-ocean cleanup.

Every donation funds more days at sea removing ocean plastic!


Where does my donation go?
All donations go to Ocean Voyages Institute, a 501(c)(3) based in California, via the Dollar Donation Club non-profit, The Flying Pig.
How much of my donation goes to the cause?
100% of your donation will go to Ocean Voyages Institute, however Visa & Mastercard do charge a card processing fee that we are currently unable to avoid and invite donors to cover.
How do I know if this will actually make an impact?
Our team of world renowned scientists, innovators and researchers put a lot of time into vetting organizations to ensure every dollar makes a measurable and verifiable impact. You will be able to verify what happened with your donation on your Donation Tracker--where you can follow progress updates to see your donation’s impact in action.
Does Dollar Donation Club take a fee?
Dollar Donation Club does not take any fee on micro-donations. If you think we’re doing a good job, you can consider giving us a micro-tip on top of your donation. We’ll still love you even if you don’t. Larger donors and brand donors help us cover operating costs with a 10% administrative fee on their donations.
Can I trust Ocean Voyages Institute?
We wouldn’t run this campaign if we weren’t certain. Our team of world renowned vetters scored them with an 86% on our Integrated Impact Score, which is a thorough, 6-week process to ensure that every dollar is used effectively and as advertised.

Remove 1,000,000 lbs of Ocean Plastic (World record!)

A group-quest on the Remove All Ocean Plastic mega-goal

10,000 Lbs Plastic Removed

Day 3 at the sea


Marine animals killed by plastic entanglement /year


Credit cards worth of plastic you eat /week


Years a Ghost Net kills and toxifies

Integrated Impact Score:
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What each dollar actually does!
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30 credit cards worth of plastic removed!

(0.33 lbs of ocean plastic)

Why Ghost Net Suck in 60 seconds

Vetted by:

Tom Chi
Co-founder, Google-X
Chad Frischmann
Lead Researcher, Project Drawdown
Capt. Charles Moore
Discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Brooke Darshana
Scientific Diver, J Craig Venter Institute
Top Global Solution
Ocean Voyages Institute identified as the world's current top solution in mid-ocean cleanup.
Verified Impact guarantee
Results of your donation will be shown to you on your Donation Tracker. No more guessing what happened.
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(Removes 0.33 Lbs Plastic)

Who receives the funds?

Ocean Voyages Institute has been a leader in oceanic research and cleanups since 1979. In 2020, they broke the record for the largest single mid-ocean cleanup, hauling over 340,000 lbs. In 2021, they're now aiming to shatter this record by removing 1,000,000 lbs (but only you can help).

Ocean Voyages Institute GPS-tags "ghost nets" (abandoned fishing gear) and then deploys veteran sailors and islanders to pick them up.

They went through our rigorious 6 week, 32-point vetting process.

Read the report.

Ocean voyages Institute pirates pulling out ghost nets. They're not really pirates, we just like to call them that.

The enemy: Ghost Net Plastics

Ghost Nets" are abandoned fishing gear that kill an estimated 650,000 adorable marine animals every year. Wise turtles, ancient whales, playful dolphins, cuddly sharks and all kinds of fish. They also possess coral reefs, smothering them to death. These ghosts are designed to kill, and they keep doing it for many years after they are discarded--haunting our oceans.

Eventually they fray into microplastics (tiny bits), at which point they are much more challenging to clean up. These microplastics get eaten by ocean life (then eventually you!). It’s now estimated that the average person consumes 1 credit card worth of toxic microplastic each week!

Let's slay some ghosts before they attack more of our friends in the ocean! Game on.


The Ghost Net King (TGNK)
Key powers
650k animals killed/year
Possess & destroy coral reefs
70% of all surface plastics
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(Removes 0.33 Lbs Plastic)

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