Our Story

How it all started

In 2016 Futurist & Producer Seth Blaustein created a video that garnered 28 milllion views and raised $900,000 for charity. Ever since then he wondered: "What if we had asked all of those viewers for just $1 and made it really easy to give?"

Years later while producing a conference, a speakerʼs laptop was accidentally destroyed. Experimenting further, Seth created a QR code and made a short announcement that if everyone donated $1 - $2 we could buy her a new laptop today.

Within an hour over $1,200 was raised and a new and better laptop was purchased without any financial burden on those who donated.

Seth was convinced that micro-donations at scale could be a powerful tool for accomplishing any commonly shared goal that touches the heart.

With a passion for social impact, Seth started to wonder what the global "broken laptops" would be.

Founder & CEO, Seth Blaustein

The Big Goal

Unify 1 billion people donating $1/month to
achieve extraordinary social impact goals.

DDC is a platform for the people

philanthropy is shifting from

ME to WE

We often rely on the billionaires to fund solving big challenges.

But what if we could raise more money, and do more good if we all gave something small?