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Give $1

(Removes 0.33 Lbs Plastic)

Remove 1,000,000 lbs of Ocean Plastic (World record!)

A group-quest on the Remove All Ocean Plastic mega-goal

10,000 Lbs Plastic Removed

Day 3 at the sea


Marine animals killed by plastic entanglement /year


Credit cards worth of plastic you eat /week


Years a Ghost Net kills and toxifies

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$1 =
x 30

30 credit cards worth of plastic removed!

(0.33 lbs of ocean plastic)

Vetted by:

Tom Chi
Co-founder, Google-X
Chad Frischmann
Lead Researcher, Project Drawdown
Capt. Charles Moore
Discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Brooke Darshana
Scientific Diver, J Craig Venter Institute
Give $1

(Removes 0.33 Lbs Plastic)

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Give $1

(Removes 0.33 Lbs Plastic)