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Clean up the oceans Provide clean water to all End hunger + poverty Protect critical species Plant 1 trillion trees

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(plants 4 trees)

Active Goal:

Plant 2.4 million trees in Tanzania, eradicating hunger & poverty for 600 families

A group-quest on the Trillion Trees mega-goal

1,476 trees planted


forest garden #1 / 600

1 Forest Garden helps 1 family continuously out of hunger and plants 4,000 trees

$1 =
4 trees planted
62 lbs CO2 removed/yr
15 lbs. Organic produce
63.5 sq ft. land restored

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(plants 4 trees)

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  • 30 years experience and +190M trees planted to date
  • Grows "Forest Gardens" that solve hunger & poverty
  • Transforms desert-like land into sustainable food gardens
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(plants 4 trees)


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(plants 4 trees)