Humanity's Checklist

The really big goals that our members are crushing.
New goals are added periodically.

The Earth Fund
Protect and regenerate key ecosystems
The Sumatran Rainforest, Asia
The Borneo Lowland Rainforest, Asia
The Amazon Rainforest, South America
Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem, Asia
Alaskan Kelp Forest, USA
Sydney Coastal Wetlands, Australia
South Karst Springs, Australia
Acacia Forests of the Senegal River Basin, Africa
Establish biodiverse, regenerative agricultural systems
Establish Ubiquitous, Genuine Recycling
Create 100% Biodegradable Packaging
Regenerate the Global Topsoil
Clean Up Toxic Waste Sites
Establish Global Resiliency Fund for Disaster Relief and Prevention
The Ocean Fund
Replenish depleted fish populations
Clean up toxic ammunition dumps in the ocean
Protect 30% of the World's Oceans
Protect and regenerate critical coral reefs
The Great Barrier Reef
The Caribbean Reefs
The Maldives Reefs
The New Caledonia Barrier Reef
The Red Sea Coral Reef
The Rainbow Reef
The Tubbataha Reefs
The Raja Ampat Reefs
The Palancar Reef
South Karst Springs, Australia
The Great Chagos Archipelago
The Wakatobi Reefs
The Lord Howe Reefs
The Wildlife Fund
Protect endangered and critical species
Howler Monkeys
Honey Bees
Monarch Butterflies
Javan Rhinoceros
Mountain Gorillas
Treat all animals with love, kindness and respect
The Humanity Fund
Eliminate conditional hunger
End poverty
Provide universal access to drinking water
End human trafficking
Protect and Preserve Indigenous Lands
Provide Affordable, Low-emission Energy to All
Provide Emergency Medical Care to Those Who Need It Most and Can Afford It Least
End disease

Campaigns currently being vetted...

The DDC collective super-philanthropist is brewing up more goals to crush
  • Grow 12 million Mangrove Trees in the Caribbean (Holy Carbon Capture!)
  • Ganges River Pollution Cleanup Technology (Clean 1 Ton of Plastic/week)
  • Large Underwater Art Installations that Regenerate Coral Reef
  • Removing Toxic Underwater Munitions (Ammo Dumps Since WW1)
  • Life Saving Water Systems for East Africa
  • Installing Plastic Recycling Infrastructure & Mass Cleanup
  • Mass Tree Reforestation With Drones in Mexico
  • Fortified Rice for Malnourished Children in Northern India
  • Rescue orphaned Monkeys & Sloths in Costa Rica
  • Establish Caribbean Coral Regeneration Farms
  • Protect & Regenerate the Sumatran Rainforest
  • Urban Farms to Solve Food Scarcity in the US
  • Refugee Women: Regenerative Farming, Food Security & Financial Education

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