How it works

Members unify their micro-donations and blast them like a glorious laser beam of pure good at the world’s best solutions.

We call these solutions “acupuncture points of change.” They produce the largest possible impact with minimum resources, while triggering massive additional benefits.


We identify the world's biggest problems.

We often choose goals that create measurable progress toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We find the most scaleable solutions to those problems.

Our Solutionary Team thoroughly vets solutions with our custom-built Integrated Impact Score

The score is designed to measure effectiveness while acounting for how well the solution:

  • Integrates into local cultures and economies
  • Is resilient to threats of reversal
  • Results in self-reliance rather than dependence
  • Is long-term (7 generations deep)
  • Solves root-causes rather than symptoms

The really big goals are broken into smaller goals.

Plant 1 trillion trees

Save the Sumatran Rainforest

Plant 1 billion trees in Costa Rica

Plant 1 billion trees in Texas


Millions of us unify with just $1/month to hyper-fund goals.


Your Donation Tracker shows exactly how your dollar makes a direct impact.

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No more wondering where your donation went.


Inspire others to give with you, earn Impact Points, and win rad prizes!

1. Build your impact family

2. Advance on Leaderboards

3. Win prizes


Watch stories of our collective impact as a more beautiful future unfolds!

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