DDC is built on one simple idea...

What if everyone just gave one


cloud peeps
A dolarA dolarA dolarA dolarA dolarA dolarA dolarA dolar
Exploding head

That's a lot of one dollars...


What if we used it to hyper-fund

solutions to global challenges?

And instead of donating to many

causes, what if we laser beamed

a few at a time?

Pig beam To-do Man with a marker

By focusing, we can knock critical

stuff off the list. Restoring the world

to awesomeness (and



We have solutions to Earth’s gnarliest

challenges, but we need to unify.

Let’s spend less time begging

billionaires to give more and

instead create the world’s first

collective billionaire super-


People thumbs up

The Shift

It’s not about how much we give, it’s

about how many of us unify to give a

little, together.

The Big Goal:

1 billion people giving $1/month to

solve humanity’s biggest challenges.