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A single profile & dashboard for your company's impact

- Make a quantifiable impact that you can verify with every $1.

- Micro-donate monthly, or per product/service sale.

- Amplify the impact of your donation by 11x. (wait, really?)

- Show the world the impact you've created in real-time.

- Engage your community to make an impact with you.

- Gain exposure to new audiences.

All through micro-giving

Our Impact

The flying pig


Impact Points
Level 8




Trees planted
Level 3


Ocean Plastic


Lbs Ocean Plastics Removed
Level 5




Impact Family
Level 4


The flying pig

$29,048 donate to Amplified Impact, inspiring...


29,048 new members, giving $72,083, leading to...


288,332 more trees being planted


4 trees planted for every 1 sale of sunglasses


196 products donated to Prizes

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Rest easy knowing your donations go to highly vetted, measurable impact

- Vetted by world renowned scientists, researchers & innovators

- All organizations go through our 6 week, 32-point vetting process

- Clear, measurable reporting on each dollar's outcome

- Holistic solutions that focus on solving root-cause problems

Click here to learn more about our vetting process

Woman Photo Via our partner, Trees for the future
Impact Metrics

Engage your Community

Invite your community to give with you and watch the ripples of impact it creates, tracked in real-time

Keep your audience engaged with content educates about global issues and inspires real, measurable action.

Let's face it, giving together is better!

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Impact Metrics

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How it works

01 Join


Create a Brand Member account in less than a minute by donating your organization's version of $1/month (minimum is $20).

02 Customize


Brand out your profile with your logo, pictures and a company description. This will be your home base for measuring the good your donation does every month (and showing it off to the world).

03 Engage

Engagin graph

Sit back and watch your donation kick serious butt. Your "Invite Link" in your profile can be shared with your community to invite them to give with you. Track your community's total impact, earn points & level-up!

04 Share

People speak

Share your progress with the world every month, level-up by growing your Impact Family, and have fun while we make massive impact together!

What our Brand Members are saying

Donate Attention Logo

"DDC makes it easy for us to identify the organizations that deserve the world's attention."

- Trevor Soares, Founder of Donate Attention

Rewild Organics Logo

"DDC gives visibility to small, eco-conscious companies like ours. We love to be a part of something that's giving money to people doing the right work."

- Amanda Wilson, Founder & CMO of Rewild Organics

Rewild Organics Logo

"We are honored to be a part of this shift in philanthropy. DDC empowers individuals to make a global impact in a really fun way."

-Christopher Schenk, Co-founder & CEO, OPUS

3 ways to join the impact party

Partner Membership

Donate single or recurring donations that 11x the impact of your donation. Don't believe us? Check it out!


Donate to a DDC goal every time you sell a product or service and measure the impact!

Donate a Product

Donate rad prizes to inspire members to create more impact!


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How can we share our progress with the world?

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Can I change the amount of my Amplified impact?

How does Amplified Impact “11x” the power of a donation?

What the heck is my Impact Family?

Do my Impact Points do anything?

How do I know if the donation made a difference?