Stop ocean-bound plastic!

Varanasi, India needs help stopping waves of river plastic before it hits the ocean

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Meet Ocean Plastic. It sucks.

11 million Tons

of plastic enters the ocean each year


of ocean plastic is from rivers and coasts

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1 million

animals killed by plastic every year

Meet a proven solution

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Plastic Fischer has created the first open-source river plastic TrashBoom proven to stop plastic before it hits the ocean!

TrashBooms are local, low-tech, and low-cost, ensuring every dollar removes as much plastic as possible.

Vetted by:

Tom Chi


“Rivers are a natural place to attack the ocean plastic problem. I appreciate their appropriate technology lens to how they are looking at the problem.”

Scarlett Arana

United Nations SDG 14 Ambassador (Life Below Water)

“Excellent, scalable solution at low cost where plastic debris collection is lacking.”

Chad Frischmann

Project Drawdown
Lead Research Director

“Plastic Fischer’s approach is the type of win-win-win solution we need to effectively prevent a lot of plastic from entering the ocean in the first place.”

Christopher Verlinden, Ph.D.

Coast Guard Commander
CTO Applied Ocean Sciences

“This is a no brainer. Simple, efficient and effective.”

aspiring ocean plastic

getting it's dreams crushed


Over 70 Tons

removed to date!

Every $1 removes 2.2 lbs

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Top Global Solution
Plastic Fischer identified as a top solution in river plastic removal.

The Goal

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220,000 Lbs Goal

Let's raise $100,000 to remove 220,000 Lbs of plastic in Varanasi, India. That's the equivalent of 5 million plastic water bottles or 10 million plastic bags!

100% of donations go to operations for 1 year, covering 11 TrashBooms.

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Varanasi, India

11 River TrashBooms

Ganges River

(Top 10 Most polluted rivers)

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Every lb of plastic is 3rd-party verified

CleanHub's track and trace protocol transparently verifies the entire collection process!

Stopping River Plastic = Stopping Ocean Plastic


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